Welcome to OLT!

Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology (OLT) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Higher Education and Technical-Vocational Educational Institution in Ozamiz City that is equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities that are in accordance with the standards of the hospitality, tourism, construction and maritime industries.






Lucile A. Maglasang

School President


 “Welcome to the Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology (OLT)!

 Thank you for choosing the Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology as the Higher Education Institution in the pursuit of your preferred career of profession.

 OLT has been very instrumental with its noble cause in the field of education especially geared to hospitality endeavors and other emerging disciplines. Reflective in our school’s vision and mission, OLT is potentially destined to be a leading higher education and technical-vocation institution of learning through the broad and comprehensive learning experience aimed at holistic development and transformation of the student and significant others. The institutional goals and core values evidently support the school’s assertion of its organizational direction and major tasks with respect to humanitarian service.

 In its effort to make a difference in the world of higher education and technical-vocational institution, OLT commits itself to provide the students quality education and training, practicum opportunities and employment facilitation through its strong industry linkage program. Given much weight is the judicious demonstration of competence among students and graduates who equally exude the desired values and attitudes in the school and in the workplace.

 We stand firm with a corporate slogan, “Start Here, Go Anywhere” which certainly challenges our students to invest a bright future with the Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology.”




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