OLT Celebrated Teacher’s Day 2017

by: Maribel Paulino

Celebrating teachers' Day at school is one of the finest memories of the school days. With no doubt everyone will agree with it. Beginning to prepare to surprise our teachers with all the decorations along with elaborate plays, essays and speeches is an event that left a mark in the memory.
                 Teacher plays a critical role in educating the children and they shape their future. Mom and dad gives us life but teachers teach us the art of living.

On the 6th day of October 2017 ,the students of Our Lady of Triumph headed by the SSC president Jessa Mae Alfanta and other members  exerted efforts of gathering ,preparing their piece ,flowers ,cards , gifts and not only that they planned to have a surprise program for the teachers.


      At exactly 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the students started the program to honor the teachers and to show their sincere gratitude and thanking them for being the guiding light in their lives in one way or another, the students arranged a number of interesting activities like singing, drama and giving of flowers and cards to their respected teachers and their subject teachers on the day. Students gave recognition to the teacher’s hard work, even if it is simple celebration, they reflect the fact that they care for their teachers. Jessa Alfanta a tourism 3rd year student was the master of programmed .A welcomed Address was rendered by the SSC adviser Mr. Junemar Jamolin. There was a dance number given and a special song offered for the school teachers by the students. After  the song presentation Don Lester Melgar an hrm student gives his messages to the teachers.

Teachers play a very important role in making the world a better place to live in.  They do not only educate students, but also help turn them into responsible adults. All teachers went to the Faculty office to continue the celebration. The celebration was very    enjoyable and successful. Everyone had high spirits and was very delighted to become part of the celebration.